When Sargent Wayne Fisher, the Canine Unit Supervisor for the Warner Robins Police Department began looking for a better dog food than the national brands he had been feeding, he kept running across the Hi-Tek name. He checked them out on the Internet and learned that they had never had a recall in their 27-year history.  He also learned that they operated their own in-house lab to detect potential problems before ingredients were unloaded or finished food was bagged. He wanted a food that was corn free, rich in antioxidants, and contained pre- and probiotics. Today he is convinced that the Hi-Tek Naturals Grain Free foods offer the best possible nutrition for the department’s dogs.


Sgt. Fisher heads up four dog teams including one dog trained in bomb detection and three who specialize in narcotics. All of the dogs are versatile and can assist their police officer partners in a variety of other tasks even including working with autistic children and being reading partners with elementary students. “I’m taken with the family nature of the Hi-Tek company,” said Sgt. Fisher, “We get first class service and answers to questions we may have. When you combine that service with foods that result in great coats, shining, healthy eyes, firm stools and the other signs of great nutrition, it’s hard to imagine a better choice for 

Sargent Wayne Fisher with canine Ego

L to R: Sgt. Wayne Fisher with Ego, Ofc. Casey Mullins with Kojak, Ofc. James Sauls with Ollie, and Sgt. James Bish with Rasty

Dixie Donaldson’s Teacup Yorkshire Terrier came home from the breeder’s with a bag of a well-known food the breeder had been giving out to purchasers of puppies for some time. Dixie wanted the best for Harley, the new puppy, and talked with friends who recommended Hi-Tek Naturals. She mixed the Hi-Tek with the food the breeder had provided thinking a gradual start to a new food was best. What she didn’t expect was watching Harley pick out the nuggets of Hi-Tek from the popular national brand, leaving the breeder’s choice behind.


“She won’t eat anything but the Hi-Tek,” said Dixie, “I put out some of the other food just as a test and she walked right past it, going for a spilled piece of kibble from the Hi-Tek bag instead. I’m thrilled to get this new puppy off to the right start. When I read the ingredients listed on the bag, I can see why Harley likes it so much. I’m sold.”

Samson LOVES your food! He is a large boxer and previously had frequent urinary tract infections. My vet recommended a grain-free food. He hated the ones from the vet (yeah, I know, big surprise) and I was so excited when I found yours. He loves the size of the bites and the taste (especially the chicken and sweet potato flavor) and has not had an infection since. I have told all my friends with dogs about your food. Thanks for the quality food and the help on locating a better source! Also thanks so much for the GREAT customer service!


Sherry Brady and Samson

What eludes most breeders over the course of a career has piled up among the achievements for Adrienne Hullender in the eight years she has been breeding Boston Terriers. Two Westminster Best of Breeds back to back line up with dozens of other Championships and honors for Adrienne’s Kayas Bostons Kennels. Adrienne’s family is surrounded buy the excitement of a totally involved household as anywhere from seven to a dozen Boston Terriers live and sleep with the family. “Each of our daughters sleeps with one or two of them and, of course, my husband John and I rotate different dogs in our bed so no one feels left out,” said Adrienne. “We have one pet Boxer and all the rest are our Bostons. With our daughter Ariel now involved in handling her own dog plus my owner handler responsibilities, we’re a busy, active household. John is not as actively involved but he is enormously supportive what has become a consuming passion.”


“We’re solidly Hi-Tek fans, having begun feeding Hi-Tek Naturals Chicken Meal & Rice Formula shortly after it came on the market,” said Adrienne. “David Foley, the owner of Pet World in Newport News, Virginia, pointed it out to me and I gave it a try. My first question was whether they had experienced any recalls and when I learned the answer was no, I thought we should experiment. The dogs loved it and it had all the benefits we’d been looking for. Muscle tone is excellent and we’ve experience great skin and coats, something not always easy to achieve with Bostons who often have itchy skin or dandruff. I couldn’t be happier with a dog food. I send every puppy home with a container of Hi-Tek Naturals and special instructions to feed them this great food.”


Just wanted you to know that our pug Mikey has been on your food for 2 months and I am so pleased with your product. He was in his first puppy match this weekend and took 3 first place ribbons. His grandsire made it to Westminster and we have the same high hopes with him. His coat and health are excellent and we plan on continuing to use your product.


We used to buy a highly regarded premium food and had skin issues. I failed to mention that we also have Shepherds and it wasn't until I purchased Mikey that I tried your food. The shepherds' skin problems have cleared up and Mikey's coat is so lush. Altogether we have 17 dogs. Pinkk's Michael Angelo, aka Mikey, is our star at the moment and Oliver our German Shepherd was ranked 32nd in the world 2 years ago. He won the title in Germany. I can't say enough good things about the Alasken fish diet. Thank you for taking such care in the making of your food.


Laurie Geier

I recently switched my own dogs, Berkley and Finnegan from the other brand of Grain Free they had been on for a long time, to Hi-Tek Naturals Grain Free Chicken Meal & Sweet Potato Formula , and both are doing fantastic after one month!


Berkley (2 year old Labradoodle) has a history of allergies, and breaking out in spots, with occasional episodes of upset stomach and loose stools – he is high maintenance. Finnegan (rescued, 19 month old English Cocker mix) can eat anything, like a goat (and is grateful for every meal), and has no problems, except that I noticed his coat was becoming dry, and he had a little dander on the other brand, even before it turned cool outside.

Since switching to Hi-Tek Naturals Grain Free Chicken Meal & Sweet Potato Formula both dogs are doing well, and I see a big improvement. The ME kcals are a little lower than the old food, but I am feeding the same amounts as before, and both are of good weight, with solid stools, and Finny's breath seems much better. Plus – it's less expensive.

The price point is $10 less on this formula over the other brand – (dealer price 30# @ $36.42 Vs. 30# @ $47.78). As far as I am concerned, this is a GREAT product at a Great price, and should be sold by Independent Pet Specialty Retailers that want to provide Nutrition excellence to their customers, while making decent profits.

If you have Retailers that have questions about my experience, please have them call or email – Thank You.

Don Buss

Douglas and Dawn Nave purchased Bolder, Colorado-based Circle F Feed & Pet Supply 17 years ago. A purveyor of high end dog and cat foods as well as feed and supplies for animals ranging from guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and horses, Circle F now operates in two Bolder locations, one suburban and another closer to town that thrives on the brisk commuter traffic passing by. Most of the company’s business is cash and carry retail, although they do offer to the home or farm delivery once each month. “We are pretty picky about dry dog foods,” said Dawn, “And we did some careful evaluation before taking Hi-Tek’s products on.


“We like that they were a small, family-owned and operated American company and that nearly all their ingredients were sourced in the United States. Some ingredients, such as lamb, we expect to come from New Zealand or elsewhere, but we learned that Hi-Tek’s standards for what they use in their dog and cat foods are extremely high,” she said.


Dawn thinks there are a number of strong points for her customers in Hi-Tek Naturals and Hi-Tek Naturals Grain Free. “Palatability is extremely high and the price is good. People don’t have to sacrifice high quality in order to find an affordable product when they feed the Hi-Tek brands. We highly recommend these products and our store’s sales of Hi-Tek have continued to increase month over month since we first started carrying the products.”


Circle F Feed before Hi-Tek Rations

Circle F Feed after Hi-Tek Rations

Rachel Cederberg, founder of Ruffing It, a Colorado Springs retail operation dedicated to natural pet care, is nothing if not enthusiastic. “I like to think of us as the Whole Foods of the pet world. Our foods are all natural with no by-products and we’re not much on corn, wheat, or soy,” she said.


Rachel had hoped another company would allow her to open a franchise on the city’s east side but when nothing happened after more than two years, she decided to start out on her own.


“In addition to foods, we sell a variety of toys and positive reinforcement training tools that support my philosophy about how to care for the animals you make a part of your life. I guess that’s where Hi-Tek comes in,” she said, “I was looking for a product that met all of our nutritional requirements but one that wasn’t dominated by the big chains. I needed a product that could compete price wise and nutritionally and didn’t have recall issues. Hi-Tek’s family owned and operated approach makes that happen.

“I asked all my customers to switch over from Chicken Soup or Naturals or Taste of the Wild an they all did. They’re now repeat customers. What was interesting was that people who owned large breed puppies gravitated toward Hi-Tek Naturals® because of the lower calcium and phosphorous levels.


“We also started carrying LIFE4K9® after evaluating three different baked foods for customers looking for a product that was easy on sensitive tummies. LIFE4K9 won handily because it fed better. I had the chance to tour the Hi-Tek plant a few months ago and I’m even more sold now than before after meeting the people and seeing what they go through to source ingredients and ensure quality.”


“The secret to our success starts with a friendly, knowledgeable staff with great training about nutrition and about taking proper care of animals. But it extends to outstanding products like Hi-Tek Naturals and LIFE4K9. We’ve become one of the largest retail seller of these products in the entire state because we believe in them.”

Thank you for making a superior dog food. I have always fed Taste of the Wild, but my 14 year old pug, Pudgey was having trouble with allergies and yeasty ears. I also have gotten another pug pup, Mitzi and wanted to make sure I fed her the best food possible. After much research I decided to try Hi-Tek Naturals grain-free. I'm happy to report that in less than a month, the allergies are better and Pudgey's ears are clean. They both love the taste and gobble it up as soon as I set their bowls down. They will be eating it from now on, thanks again.


Margaret Turner


My name is Randy Green. My wife and I own D&G Kennels. We have been the world’s premier Presa Canario breeder for the past 18 years. I have held the positions of President and Vice President of the Dogo Canario Club of America, the parent breed club here in the United States. I currently serve as an advisor to the Board of Directors of the club, and my wife Lauren serves as Treasurer.


For years, D&G Kennels has owned or bred some of the top show and working dogs in the breed. We cater to high end families that are looking for the best that this breed has to offer.


Over the past 18 years, we have fed numerous different “top foods” on the market, such as Wellness, Taste of the Wild, Innova Evo, Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin, Science Diet, Merrick, Blackwood, and Eukanuba. We have never truly been happy with any of these foods, hence the reason for so many changes. Some foods the dogs did not care for, some food caused the worst stool we’ve ever seen. Every aspect of a dog is affected by the quality of kibble that is fed, from the coat, to the teeth, to performance.


About 4 years ago, we came across the Hi Tek Naturals Grain Free line of foods. From day one we knew this was a food like no other. Our dogs loved it and we immediately noticed an improvement in consistency and amount of stool we were dealing with. We were so impressed, we couldn’t even imagine how things could get better. But within a few months, all our dogs’ coats were shinier and their teeth were cleaner. Energy levels were incredible and it was amazing to see how much healthier and happier our dogs acted. After 6-8 months, we noticed an increase in the quantity of puppies produced in each litter and an increase in the size of our puppies. Clients would call and ask what our trick was, how were our puppies so much bigger and healthier looking than all other pups they had looked at? Of course genetics played a large part, but there is also no doubt that the Hi Tek Naturals Grain Free dog food was playing the most important part. We use this food as an all life stages food and there is no other food that we have used in the past 18 years that can even begin to compare.


We are so happy with our Hi Tek Naturals Grain Free dog food. We recommend it to all of our clients, and anyone who asks for dog food suggestions. Thank you so much for keeping your quality and standards high and creating the perfect dog food.



Randy & Lauren Green