Every Pet is Adopted


When you stop to think about it, all dogs and cats are adopted. Whether bred for show, for sport, or companionship; whether pure bred or one of nature's miraculous mixes, all dogs and cats are taken from their mothers as soon as they can begin to eat on their own and given into the care of complete strangers. New sounds, new scents, new patterns of behavior, different food - the beginnings of a whole new life.


The difference between adopting a dog or cat from a shelter compared to buying an animal from a breeder, kennel or pet store is slight until you begin to consider alternatives.  What if you don't adopt?  For many animals, in many shelters across our country, that decision can mean then end of life for a being that could be a life-long member of your family, a best friend, a companion like no other.


That's why Signature Pet Products, distributors of the highest quality foods for dogs and cats, wants to congratulate you for making a life-saving decision, one that should reward you and your family for many years to come.  To help get your new family member off  to the best possible start, we will give you a free bag of any Signature Pet Products dog or cat food. You'll also get a coupon good for $3.00 off a medium bag or $5.00 off a large bag of your second bag of any Signature Pet Products food.


Check with your local shelter or retail store for our adoption kit or click here to have us mail one to you!