Hi-Tek Naturals

One look at the ingredient list on a bag of Hi-Tek Naturals tells you that this is a super premium dog food of the highest order. But most people who encounter this exceptional food are surprised by the price. They expect it to be as expensive as it is nutritious. Instead, Hi-Tek Naturals offer modest pricing yet produces exceptional results. Expect:

  • High-quality meat proteins from lamb meal, chicken meal and pork meat meal
  • Energy-producing fats from chicken
  • Carbohydrates from pearled barley, white rice, brown rice and whole milo
  • Essential vitamins and minerals in a balanced formula – no supplements needed!

The ingredient panel of Hi-Tek Naturals reads like the evolutionary history of the canine as it moved from carnivore to today's omnivorous species. Protein from high-quality meat proteins including lamb meal, chicken meal and pork meat meal combined with fats from chicken are high in the ingredient list, followed by natural grains from the finest available sources. An ideal balance of vitamins and minerals helps to ensure bright eyes and the healthy coat that is evidence of good nutritional health.

Four Unique Rice Formulations

Hi-Tek Naturals Chicken Meal & Rice Fitness Formula
Hi-Tek Naturals Rice & Chicken Meal Large Breed Formula
Hi-Tek Naturals Lamb Meal, Barley & Rice Formula
Hi-Tek Naturals Just For Puppies Formula

Two Unique Rice-Free Formulations

Hi-Tek Naturals Chicken Meal and Barley Fitness Formula with Oatmeal and Tapioca
Hi-Tek Naturals Lamb Meal & Barley Formula with Oatmeal and Tapioca

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Hi-Tek Naturals
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