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While Hi-Tek Rations is unable to control the pricing structure of its distributors and retailers, it is important to let our customers know that this price increase by is not reflective of the pricing structure of Hi-Tek Rations. Hi-Tek Rations has not had a price increase in almost a year and we work very hard to keep our costs down and prices competitive, yet affordable. We are working to resolve this issue with In the meantime, please check our store locator feature on this website for a local store in your area or shop online with or for more reasonably priced Hi-Tek Rations products. We apologize for this incovenience and appreciate your loyalty to our brands.

Quality Manufacturing Practices Assure Product Integrity

Hi-Tek's renowned approaches to quality manufacturing ensure the absolute integrity of its outstanding products. Rigorous quality control and in-depth processes prevent cross contamination of ingredients and eliminate the possibility of pollutants or mycotoxins entering the food manufacturing process. MORE

Although Hi-Tek manufactures many canine and feline rations for a variety of consumer needs, each product is manufactured separately from all others. The common thread that runs through all Hi-Tek products is our dedication to the highest standards in quality food manufacturing. Hi-Tek is regularly audited by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) whose standards of quality are among the world's most rigorous and demanding.

Hi-Tek's laboratories, quality assurance measures, and steps that exceed even the most stringent manufacturing requirements such as detection for metal both during the manufacturing process and after bagging, are among the finest in the world, further assuring our customers that the Hi-Tek foods they purchase for their dogs and cats, regardless of the price point, are among the very best it is possible to purchase.

The Markets We Serve

Hi-Tek Rations has three main market categories served by the foods it manufactures. MORE

The Hi-Tek Rations Position on Ethoxyquin

Hi-Tek Rations does not use ethoxyquin in any application of its manufacturing. MORE

An Important Notice On Recalls

No Hi-Tek products have been or are subject to recall. MORE

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